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We assist businesses and individuals that are seeking to enter or expand within the cannabis industry. Dispensaries, cultivation operations, investors seeking businesses to invest with & etc.We have over 21,000 followers on Facebook. ht ···➜

AgriHouse Brands Ltd

Since 2000, AgriHouse Brands Ltd offers patented aeroponic systems, certified organic biocontrols (BEYOND Plant Amendment and ODC organic Supper Concentrate), and leaf sensor technologies to conserve water, increase yields and profitability ···➜

ACS Laboratory

ACS Laboratory: Third Party Independent Testing Laboratory located just South of Tampa, FL. ISO17025 Accredited, CLIA accredited, PJLA Testing, AHCA Certified. Comprehensive testing panels, swift turnaround and clinical grade laboratory. Me ···➜

Abraxas Labs

Abraxas Labs provides state of the art, quality cannabis testing services for the state of Oklahoma. Abraxas Labs offers full OMMA compliance package, as well as customized services/solutions their scientists create for a variety of grow op ···➜

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