5 Ways to Enjoy Weed Without Smoking It

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Last update on January 19, 2021
Originally published on April 28, 2017

Consuming marijuana without smoking

How to get high without inhaling weed

Smoking remains the default method for consuming weed; it’s popular because it’s easily done and the high hits you pretty quickly. However, this method is not without its drawbacks, and these can actually put off many first timers from weed. The smoke hits your throat and irritates it, your lungs take in tar and assorted chemicals that are best kept away from such a vital organ, and many rookies simply do not know how to pull at the joint and inhale.

Moreover, the popularity of medical marijuana means that you need to up your weed consumption skills. You’re not supposed to smoke medical marijuana. Despair not, here are five ways to get high on weed without hurting your lungs and throat.

5 ways to consume weed without smoking


1. Edibles are a great way to ingest cannabis in a healthy manner. Cultures where weed consumption has always been present have dishes, elaborate and simple, that contain the cannabis bud. Usually, the item is a baked goodie or a fried fritter. The heat during the cooking process releases the THC. There’s no end to what you can infuse with cannabis. Brownies, cookies, rotis, baked meat, and much more. The cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream as quickly as they do when you smoke a joint, but when they do, they stay for longer. You can be assured that the effects will have you laughing, alert, or floating in the air for a good length of time.

Cannabis-infused beverages

2. Cannabis-infused beverages are another alternative that offers a lot of scope for creativity. Tea, coffee, lemonades, sodas, and cocktails are among the drinks that you can enjoy with a dash of weed. The marijuana cocktail scene is the hottest in West Hollywood, but even if you’re not based in L.A, you can always brew a potent cup of Orange Pekoe or Blue Mountains and add some pure cannabinoid oil in it.


3. Tinctures are pure cannabis essentials dissolved in alcohol or even vinegar. A few drops of the tincture are placed under the tongue from where the chemicals are absorbed much more readily as compared to ingestion, i.e. you can always add a drop of two of the tincture to juices and ice creams, etc. Tinctures last long and can be stored for years. They are a great medium for medicinal and recreational dosages.

Topical cannabis

4. Topical cannabis is a great way to experience the analgesic effects of cannabinoids without the cerebral high. You can apply the creams, experience relief from arthritis and eczema, and stay clear headed.

Vape pens

5. Vape pens may one day overtake joints and blunts and the preferred delivery vehicle. They are a very handy and also a healthier alternative because although a vape pen heats the content to release THC and CBD, the temperatures are not raised to a point where the toxic chemicals are released.

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