Best Strains for Connecting Emotionally

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Last update on March 25, 2021
Originally published on 14-Apr-17

Best weed strains for romantic and emotional occasions

We’ve all heard about the best strains for sex, but what about the best bud to smoke for the other aspects of love? Here are some great strains that will help you have a strong and close emotional connection to your partner.

Northern Lights

The combination of relaxed body and euphoric mind produced by this strain are perfect for long days and nights in bed just talking. You will feel completely comfortable and cozy, but your mind will be expanded enough to listen to their perspective, instead of just constantly inserting your own.

Lemon Drop

This hybrid can make you a bit spacey, but as long as you can hone your focus a little, this is a good one for getting up close and personal with your special someone. It can bring out a lot of feelings, so be prepared with some tissues if you plan on talking about more sensitive issues.

Amnesia Haze

This super-strong sativa has been renounced by some and praised by others for it’s crazy potency. Definitely don’t try this one for a night out, or if you have things to get done, but if the plan is to lock in, get really high, and talk, this can be just the thing, as it is almost like going on a “trip” with psychedelics.

Girl Scout Cookies

This is a favorite strain of almost everyone, and really it can do no wrong. While this can be awesome to smoke while you are going out partying or trying to get work done, it can also be very conducive to having a conversation and getting to a deeper level with your partner.

Blue Dream

This strain gets you super creative, so save this one for when you and your partner are planning for the future or getting stoked for an upcoming trip or adventure.

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