MetroCity Canna Capital has Relationships with fourteen (14) THC Distillate Labs, eight (8) Isolate Labs and a Northern California Trim Distributor. MetroCity Canna Capital also Arranges Funding for Legal Existing Cannabis Operations. ···➜

Mona Brand

Mona offers a farm-to-table, craft cannabis designed with obsession and compassion to create atrue masterpiece. We aim to make a product that is all-natural, safe, and consistent.The Mona product line features live resin in 1 gram jars, 500 ···➜

Monster Studios

We build ecommerce websites for dispensaries to add pre-orders and delivery options to support their retail location. We offer custom website design and a complete DIY website with a professionally designed template installed - just add you ···➜

MJ Arsenal

MJA is a consumer focused company that builds its principles upon the pillars of innovation, affordability, and functionality. We are based in Denver, Colorado and pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of what is expected in a given pro ···➜


MITA (Marijuana Industry Trade Association) is the last descendent to remain from the Dispensary Network Association. We are Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Advocates united to build a strong and sustainable future for the cann ···➜

Miracle Leaf

Miracle Leaf Health Centers & Miracle Leaf Corp. operate board certified Florida medical clinics.Our experienced Doctors are licensed in the state of Florida to recommend Medical marijuana topatients who qualify. We also assist patients ···➜

Midwest Grow Co.

Midwest Grow Co. may assist in all realms of horticultural or agricultural ventures-including cannabis, nursery, vegetable production. Combine our very own Ridgeline Organics to focus on purely organic inputs to reduce environmental polluta ···➜

Next Green Wave

NEXT GREEN WAVE California Craft Cannabis CompanyOur family of growers, production teams and distributors are all strongly rooted in California andhave a passion for cannabis that is a cut above the rest.Established in 2018, we set forth wi ···➜

Navigator Genomics Testing

Pharmacogenomic Tests sold Direct-to-Consumers reports your genetic responses to major Medical Cannabinoids AND 416 prescription drugs. Helps you understand your personal cannabinoid metabolism for dosing, avoiding costly $$trial and error$$, ···➜

North Naturals Gardens

North Naturals Gardens (N2 Gardens for short), is one of Michigan's leading caregiver services provider. Also offering the first medical marihuana (MI spelling) patient portal in Michigan. ···➜

Mon Joint

About us: Mon Joint is a brand that belongs to Canna Invest S.A specializes in the productionand sale of cannabisproducts based in Switzerland. We only select plants with high CBD content. All strains, extraction,and byproductsdistributed b ···➜

Saiber LLC

Saiber is comprised of business lawyers and litigators who can provide the full suite of services businesses will need in this emerging market. ···➜


NISONCO is the largest cannabis, CBD, and hemp-specific PR firm and has worked with over 100 cannabis companies. Established in 2013, our mission is to build trusting relationships with members of the media in order to advance inclusive and ···➜

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