We Grow HR

With more than 25 clients, We Grow HR is the most experienced HR firm serving MMJ business in DC & Colorado. From HR Handbooks, HR Compliance Audits and HR OnCall needs call us for a free assessment ···➜

Web SEO and Design

Web SEO and Design builds great industry websites and gets them found by customers and prospects. You need to work with creative professionals who are also geeks. That's us. Call today, let us know what you want, and we will get it done. ···➜

Voda Concentrates

Voda Concentrates is a locally owned solvent-less based hash company situated right in the heart of Denver. We focus on extracting quality fresh frozen marijuana buds in order to produce pure, resin heavy, hash which in turn leads to very p ···➜

Abner Chernis, LLP

Formation of non profits and collectives for medical marijuana businesses; creation of contracts & operational documents; assistance with licenses; investments/private placements; criminal defense ···➜

ABNA international

ABNA International offers businesses worldwide Past Due Cash Collection Services at no upfront cost and without risk to the company, their bottom line or their client base. ···➜

1899 House Bed and Breakfast

We are a cannabis-friendly Bed and Breakfast in Spokane, WA. In 2012, after years of career work, travel, and renovations, the doors of 1899 House opened to its first guests. This is a dream fulfilled, yet remains dynamic, as we continue ma ···➜


Online cannabis community and medical cannabis consumer and business information resource for Denver. Provides information exchange as well as ratings and reviews of MMJ-related businesses. ···➜

Advokat Law Group

Provides expert, strategic and creative services to set up your medical cannabis business, navigate and meet medical cannabis legal compliance requirements, operate legally and protect your growing operation, collective garden, dispensary o ···➜


The only thing more difficult than running your own HR infrastructure is coordinating different HR services from multiple providers. Only AdaptiveHR combines the broad capabilities and deep industry expertise required to be your single, ded ···➜

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