Rolen Stone Farms

A team of dedicated professionals devoted to the care and cultivation of the finest quality and standards of cannabis. Offering unique flower strains of hand-selected phenotypes that produce the highest quality of medicine. Rolen Stone Extr ···➜

Clone Connect

Clone Connect is a platform that holds high-quality clone growers accountable with ratings and reviews for the end-user. We connect cloners with vetted buyers and currently have inventory in every California cannabis city. ···➜

Global Weed Market

We offer Quality cancer cannabis oil and top shelf marijuana for patients with illness like cancer, pain,insomnia, anxiety, liver problem, epilepsy and more..White Widow,sour Diesel,Hawaii-Skunk,Hindu Kush,afghani kush,Super Silver Haze,OG ···➜


We grow, buy, and sell bulk cannabis in California.10+ million square feet of cultivation partners.100,000+ pounds available monthly of 40+ strains in multiple sizes and gradesLeaders in consistent cannabis control.Processing, co-packing, a ···➜


We strive on providing high-quality Hemp from farms around the United States. Our hemp is grown using organic methods and is non-GMO. We utilize a special filtration system to deliver smooth and effective smoke with each puff. https://hemp8 ···➜