Online cannabis community and medical cannabis consumer and business information resource for Denver. Provides information exchange as well as ratings and reviews of MMJ-related businesses. ···➜

Advokat Law Group

Provides expert, strategic and creative services to set up your medical cannabis business, navigate and meet medical cannabis legal compliance requirements, operate legally and protect your growing operation, collective garden, dispensary o ···➜


The only thing more difficult than running your own HR infrastructure is coordinating different HR services from multiple providers. Only AdaptiveHR combines the broad capabilities and deep industry expertise required to be your single, ded ···➜

Brooke Law Group

Brooke Law Group practices in Cannabusiness law: business formation, corporate compliance, legal advice related to best business practices, contract drafting/review, employment law and litigation. ···➜

FocalPoint Coaching

Assist business owners put in solid-proven operational systems and process to increase their revenue and profits. Includes marketing, staffing, time management, customer service & strategic planning. ···➜

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