Mona Brand

About Mona Brand

Mona offers a farm-to-table, craft cannabis designed with obsession and compassion to create atrue masterpiece. We aim to make a product that is all-natural, safe, and consistent.The Mona product line features live resin in 1 gram jars, 500mg live resin cartridges, distillatecartridges infused with live resin terpenes, and 1g live resin-infused pre-rolls.We are all about inspiring the creator in all of us. Everything we make has one purpose - to UnleashEveryone's Creativity. Every product we release is designed to get anyone in the creative spirit.From High CBD, to Sativa Dominant, to our Indica strain, we have it all covered.Mona has something for every moment. Whether it's a strong start to your day or an aid for asmooth transition to a night out, we handcraft each of our products with each consumer in mind.

State License
  • Distributor C11-0000164-LIC