9 weed strains for your wedding

Modified on February 13, 2021
Originally published on April 10, 2017

9 weed strains to get high weed at a wedding

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is obviously going to be your first choice, if you’re going on name alone. It’s a hybrid of “GSC” (formerly “Girl Scout Cookies”) crossed with Cherry Pie. Chris Jett, a lead budtender Nectar, told us that Wedding Cake will create a “relaxed, uplifted, euphoric kind of feeling” and is “great for stress relief.”


“You don’t want people passing out at your wedding,” according to Jett, so he recommends a sativa like Grapefruit, which he called “motivational, uplifting, creative, euphoric.”


Briana Burke, inventory manager at Jayne, suggests a hybrid for the big day. “You don’t want anyone to get too stoned with an indica,” she told us, “but you don’t want anyone to have a panic attack either.” To that end, she suggested Stardog, which, she said, is also a beautiful looking flower. “It just sparkles,” she said. And, it’s uplifting and productive effects will add to the positive wedding vibes.

Pineapple Express

Burke told us that the classic Pineapple Express is a great strain for a wedding, because it’s “happy, energetic and uplifting.”

Mountain Girl

Burke called Mountain Girl, “a great strain for anxiety and stress which a lot of people seem to have at weddings.” She said it’s “a little more mellow” and also, it has a cute name.

Lemon Cheesecake

“If you’re getting married,” Nick Ladd, a budtender at downtown Serra, told us, “you’re going to want to feel really good about yourself.” For that, he recommends Lemon Cheesecake, a high sativa that “tastes really good” and has a “very uplifting feel.”


According to Ladd, Silverhawks, another strong sativa, will facilitate “a lot of stimulating conversations with people at your wedding” while creating “a unified collective of people just having a good time.”

Mount Hood Magic Durban

If you are hosting serious cannabis users at your nuptials, Kia Delaware, a budtender at Collective Awakening, suggested Mount Hood Magic Durban, which she said is “kind of on the psychedelic side but uplifting.” But, she warned, this one is for “more seasoned” users.

Orphan Love

Delaware said if you have newer, less expert users, Orphan Love is a good mix of head and body high that leaves you functional so “you won’t just be in a corner figuring out what your life.” Also, bonus, according to Delaware, “it smells like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

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