Cannabis Farming in Ohio

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Last update on April 19, 2021
Originally published on 6-Apr-17

Marijuana in Ohio

Cannabis cultivation in Ohio

James Gould, an investor from Cincinnati, is on a mission to bring cannabis cultivation to Ohio. It could be the next big ticket crop that could fill government coffers and offer financial security to farmers. Medical cannabis is legal in Ohio, and businessmen are jostling to win the rights to grow cannabis in the state.

Medical marijuana campus in Wilmington, Ohio

Gould heads Green Light Acquisitions, which is a firm dealing in ventures associated with cannabis. The company has plans to establish a medical marijuana campus in Wilmington, Ohio. Spread over 20 acres, the campus will grow cannabis in greenhouses, manufacture medicines, and host a research laboratory. In the next two months, Ohio will freeze the rules for the application process for the twenty-four cultivation licenses that will be issued. Prospects will have up to sixty days to submit applications from the date of form issuance.

Cannabis farming in Ohio

Pot farming in the state is worth many millions of dollars; and businesses are frenetically trying to acquire commitments from investors so that they can make strong bids for licenses. Even small businesses are being lured by the lucre offered by cannabis farming, and many are willing to put their lifelong savings at stake for a shot at cannabis farming.

Gould likens his types to oil prospectors of yore, but with a difference. With medicinal cannabis, he hopes to relieve pain and heal health conditions.

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