Could CBD suppositories, aka putting cannabis in your butt, be the next big craze?

Modified on January 21, 2021
Originally published on January 28, 2019

Cannabis suppositories

A cannabis delivery method wherein users insert rocket-shaped capsules into their rectum is gaining popularity

Pill-sized cannabidiol (CBD) suppositories inserted in one’s vagina or rectum reportedly hits the bloodstream quicker than other cannabis delivery methods, such as pills and oils, as reported by Forbes.

But the idea of shoving medicine up “one’s back crack is often enough to deter most people from giving suppositories a fair shake. But in many cases, the reward that comes from absorbing feel-good substances through the intestinal tract is well worth the discomfort,” read a recent Forbes report highlighting suppositories as the next big trend.

Benefits of weed suppositories

While the delivery method can be uncomfortable, the reported effects could potentially be worth a try. In an interview with The Leaf News, neurologist and cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo explained how anecdotally he had heard of “a lot of people that are using cannabis suppositories because they can’t swallow or they’re nauseated particularly in treating cancer we’ve heard a lot about this.”

Marijuana suppository for women

Among women, the suppositories can even aid in menstrual cramps the vagina is often great at quickly absorbing this application. According to a report by Refinery29, “The vaginal wall is a porous, mucosal area of the body, meaning any medications (like hormonal medication or some birth control) that are taken intravaginally get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. With these vaginal suppositories, CBD is absorbed systemically. In addition, CBD suppositories may have an analgesic effect, so they could temporarily relieve pain including cramps.”

Health Canada’s regulation on cannabis rectal and vaginal suppositories

Meanwhile, Health Canada’s regulation on cannabis rectal and vaginal suppositories limit them to no more than 10 mg of THC per unit.

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