Here's How You Host a Cannabis-Friendly Party

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Last update on January 28, 2021
Originally published on May 4, 2017

Hosting a marijuana friendly party

Weed party

Cannabis has always had a presence on the party circuit. Food and drinks have been accepted socially. Weed is beginning to gain acceptance and people are shedding their old uptight attitudes about consuming a joint or two at a friend’s place. If you’re planning a weed-friendly do then here’s how you should go about it.

Different consuming options

First, ensure that you have more than a couple delivery options on offer. Some of your guests may prefer to smoke, some may like to vape, and still some may prefer the slow but lasting high of cannabis in baked goodies.

What you need to host a weed party

Smoking options are a must-have. This means having papers, pipe, bongs, and bubblers on hand. Smoking is an intuitive and easy way to consume weed, and the most popular. The health and flavor-conscious in your group may prefer to vape. Vapes are available in multiple designs, you can tinker with them and create mods, and there is endless choice in flavored juices available. The third method that is also the most hygienic and appealing is of ingesting cannabis via foods. You can get as creative as you want to, and in a party, no one is really going to say no to a crisp cookie or stuffed pie.

Strain variety

Strike a balance between what you’re offering. You don’t want to have an excess of sativas for a crowd that is more into relaxing indicas. If you know the tastes of your pals, then that’s great. Or, its best to have a mix of sativas, indicas, and hybrids on offer. Ensure that the flowers are of good quality. If you can, do some research on what you plan to offer. Your guests will appreciate your knowledge of the effects, medicinal uses, and cannabinoid contents of the flowers on offer.

Create a comfortable cannabis-friendly zone where all weed lovers can head to, sit comfortably, and partake cannabis in a manner they are most comfortable with. Stock the space with all the necessary equipment so that your guests don’t have to hunt for lighters, ashtrays, paper, or anything else.

Stay alert

Stay alert to the guests’ needs. Social experiencing of weed comes with its own set of etiquette that includes passing the bong after a few puffs, keeping the conversation pleasant, respecting another person’s physical space, etc.

Don’t forget about the vibe

Finally, create the right mood for the cannabis-themed party. Weed is a mood enhancer and it also heightens sensory perceptions. Music, ventilation, comfortable seating, food, and lighting all play a role in creating the right ambience.

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