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Modified on April 25, 2021
Originally published on 24-Apr-17

Cannabis in fashion industry

Cannabis prints

The fashion industry has never been one to hide its infatuation with marijuana. Designers like Alexander Wang, Vetements, Jeremy Scott and more have embraced stoner culture in past collections with everything from weed grinder necklaces to pot print motifs. But now, fashion is finally ready to upgrade from cannabis prints to the real deal.

Beboe, a luxury cannabis brand

Enter Beboe, a new luxury cannabis brand making high-end products for a more sophisticated weed consumer. Founded by Clement Kwan (former president of YOOX) and renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell, Beboe’s products which so far include a vaporizer and pastilles come in luxe packaging meant to be taken to different social settings from dinner to late night cocktails to afternoon tea (yes, this pot is chic enough for afternoon tea). The cannabis-infused products are made with a low dose blend of THC and CBD suited for both seasoned smokers and newbies.

“We hope to further along the end of prohibition by building sophisticated products and brands to attract a more sophisticated consumer. This is what we hope will be the catalyst in forging into this new frontier,” Kwan said in a statement from the brand.

The story behind Beboe name

And the story behind how Beboe was born is a surprisingly sweet one. The brand’s name was derived from Campbell’s grandmother, Be Boe, who baked marijuana brownies for his mother as she battled cancer during his childhood. After Campbell and Kwan met on a business trip to Detroit, the idea for a partnership and brand emerged.

With more states getting on board with the legilization of marijuana, Kwan and Campbell hope to appeal to a growing cannabis consumer base. Starting this month, you’ll be able to purchase Beboe’s products from select marijuana dispensaries in California and online at beboe. Beboe’s pre-filled vaporizers retail for $60 while pastilles infused with 5mg of THC/CBD sell for $25.

If more and more states continue to get on board with legalizing marijuana, this might just be the beginning of a new luxury market to watch.

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