Xyrena Debuts Weed-Inspired Perfumes

Modified on March 30, 2021
Originally published on 26-Apr-17

Marijuana perfume

If you have considered weed as a natural perfumery ingredient and wondered why all the delectable and beautiful scent profiles haven’t yet been captured in a perfume bottle, then you’re not alone. The good news is that you can now actually purchase perfumes created using marijuana. Xyrena, a cosmetics company that operates out of L.A has taken on itself to usher in what it calls an “olfactory rebellion”.

Reefer Madness collection

These scents are unisex and a part of the brand’s “Reefer Madness” collection. If you want to smell cool, edgy, approachable, and distinctly different, then check out these perfumes. The seductively packaged scents cost $74.20 each.

OG Kush perfume

OG Kush, a strain familiar to all but the rawest cannabis novitiate, is the inspiration for one perfume. The perfume has a top note of sour lemon and pine and a dry down of cedar. The base notes also carry a whiff of burnt rubber, which is a defining feature of all “kush” type cannabis varietals.

Blue Dream perfume

The second scent in the line is Blue Dream and it carries a sweet scent of blueberry with a fine whiff of skunk, for that animalistic element that so appeals to perfume lovers. The scent flowers into a peppery and earthy smell with a sweetness that stays. It is a finely balanced smell.

Space Cake perfume

The third perfume here is Blueberry Space Cake that will whisk the wearer away to a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The perfume carries notes of salted butter, cannabis trimmings, earth, a skunk odor, and cedar. The cannabis and butter note in this perfume evokes scents of yellow cake butter, baker’s yeast, French vanilla, and benzoin. Xyrena has the unique distinction of being the only perfumery to be completely certified as cruelty-free and vegan.

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