Matchmaking Apps for Weed Lovers a Big Hit

Modified on January 16, 2021
Originally published on May 27, 2017

Weed lovers dating app

Matchmaking for weed lovers

Online matchmaking is big business and covers all niches that you can possibly think of. It was only a matter of time before dating apps targeting weed lovers became popular.

Cannabis lovers now have a choice of dating apps created specifically for them. Of course, the regular dating apps are always there, but with regular dating apps and sites, weed lovers often complained of a lack of acceptance. Cannabis is going mainstream in a big way but there are still many who’d rather not spend time with a person who feels the earth pushing back after a few joints.

If you’re a weed lover looking for a mate, then consider checking out these dating apps 420 Singles, My 420Mate, and High There. The last mentioned is a worldwide social network where it is easy to say Hi There and just as easy to call it off with Bye There. With cannabis gaining social and legal acceptance, High There has a great chance to gain a strong first mover advantage and become the premier site for weed lovers seeking companionship. The app already has more than half a million downloads on Android and iPhone devices.

What’s encouraging is that more than one third of the users are women. You can hook up with a weed smoker, travel to his or her place, get high, and come home. You can find friends and soulmates.

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