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Modified on May 14, 2021
Originally published on 14-Apr-17

How to know if someone is a weed smoker?

You just met that special someone, but you have no idea what to say to them. They aren’t wearing a shirt of a band you know, you don’t know them from anywhere, and you don’t have any mutual friends. Just then, you notice them sparking up a joint or hitting a vape pen, and all of a sudden a million ideas flood your mind. Here are some of the best pick-up lines to use on someone who smokes. You are one hundred percent guaranteed to at least make a new friend and not creep someone out, even if they aren’t romantically interested.

What strain is that?

This is a foolproof way to approach anyone having a nice toke. It shows that you are cannabis-friendly, and also more familiar with different types of herb than a casual observer. This is also a fun way to instantly learn something about something. Finding out if they are smoking an indica or a sativa could give you an in for asking about their plans for the rest of the day.

How long have you been smoking?

This is a good, honest question that shows you actually want get to know someone, and care something about who they are and what they have been through. You also find out all kinds of interesting things about people this way. Maybe you will learn that this is their first time smoking, or maybe they started medicating when they were younger.

What is your favorite strain?

This go-to standard is a great way to break the ice when meeting a new person. This will tell you a lot about what they like to do and what their interests are, and it can also strike up a whole conversation about cannabis that can go a bunch of different directions.

Are you going to the [insert name of cannabis event]?

Especially if you live in a legal state, there is almost always some kind of cannabis event going on in your area. Invite your new cannabis enthusiast friend to a 4/20 rally or dispensary opening, and you just may have a date on your hands.

Where did you get that?

This is a great way to both learn about a new dispensary and to make a friend. Asking about this will open up a whole bunch of topics, and before you know it, you both will be comparing your favorite shops and maybe even making plans to check out some new places together.

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