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| Onsite Workshops | http://www.A2ConsultingFirm.com Visit online today! LinkedIn + Facebook We understand the importance of education and customer service. This is why, we are offering Professional Training and Education Training Workshops. To highly train your staff to then also educate your guests about your stores products. Increase sales and repeat customers by an average of 33% according to an independent study. Visit us online and view A2 Consulting Firm Workshop Packages and Simple Pricing www.A2ConsultingFirm.com, Contact us today!Located In Ann Arbor Michigan | Willing to travel. We as A2 Consulting Firm want your success more than anything. Helping is a fortune that we offer. Consulting may seem to be vague but we are BOLD. We are a Global Business Development Consulting Firm specializing in Alternative Medicine Consulting and Professional Training and Education Training Workshops. We offer Businesses & Personal Workshops + Virtual Consultations. The A2 Consulting Firm Company Est. 2016 $$Technology is rapidly adapting to the cannabis industry. Whether it is working towards improvement on the agriculture side for social media technology which is being used to solve some challenging issues in this new industry. We also asked a few insiders on how technology has affected the cannabis industry$$. Debra Borchardt , Contributor. The Current State of Cannabis Technology Forbes / Business /# NewTech- - - - X| Onsite Workshops| http://www.A2ConsultingFirm.com Visit us online today! LinkedIn + Facebook


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Industries: Professional Training and Education