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Our artfully composed edibles deliver the ultimate experience for both body and mind. Our cacao is single-sourced from family farms in South America. Our spices are always extracted whole. And our C02-extracted cannabis oil is pure and flavorful. A symphony for your senses for you to enjoy. Why Coda Signature? Why not? Our mission is to elevate the experience of cannabis the way music elevates life. What could be better? Coda Signature was founded in 2015 with a clear vision- to set the standard of excellence in the cannabis industry. With music as our muse and cannabis as our medium, Coda Signature creates cannabis infused products full of inspiration and imagination. Coda Signature represents decades of collective experience ranging from organic chemistry and classical French training to industrial design and entrepreneurship. Our team embodies many elements-knowledge, passion, courage, and whimsy- working in concert to achieve proper execution every time.

We believe the experience of cannabis should begin simply with the highest quality CO2 extracted cannabis oil, the resonating sound that connects all of our products. The collection of Coda Signature infused edibles, topicals, and concentrates tell a story through exciting colors, bold flavors, and luxurious aromas that harmonize seamlessly with impeccable craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Coda Signature elevates the experience of cannabis the way music elevates life.

In music, a coda represents the culmination of the musical language that comprises a piece, delivered with a distinct expression all its own. Coda Signature is that moment in the evolution of cannabis.


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