About gLeaf

$$The right choice for Maryland patients.$$ gLeaf is Maryland's source for a large selection of safe,effective medical cannabis products. The team strives for innovation. Whether creating newproducts like cannabis-infused lozenges or perfecting existing ones like flowers and salves, gLeafprovides Maryland the best of the best. You won't find cookie-cutter strains here; gLeaf cultivates31 unique and exotic strains of cannabis in its state-of-the-art facility. The medical cannabiscommunity is vast and diverse, and gLeaf provides the strains and products to meet the varyingneeds of Maryland patients. No matter where you fit on the spectrum of medical cannabis, gLeaf isthere for you with a selection of high-quality flowers, extracts and edibles. History The gLeafteam is comprised of long standing medical marijuana advocates who've championed theMaryland medical cannabis program is it stands today.

State License
  • Medical Cultivation G-17-00008
  • Medical Mfg. P-17-00001


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