Korova Brand Oklahoma

About Korova Brand Oklahoma

The mainstream has never been cool. We've been in the weed game for over two decades,watching it grow and change to what it is today while adapting every step of the way. We've settrends that still resonate today and refuse to fall in line with the majority. Korova is what it is todaybecause our passion to remain unrivaled and every product and strain we release is something wetruly believe in. If we don't smoke it, you don't smoke it. We want you to be stoked every time youcrack open our jar or rip into a pack of our cookies, and that drives us to constantly improve. At ourcore, we believe that high quality cannabis products can be provided to people while still keepingtrue to our roots. We love weed as much as you do and before edibles and eighth jars, Korovabegan with just 10 grow lights and 3 homies growing small batches of cannabis to put food on thetable.


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