Mile High Cake Pops

About Mile High Cake Pops

Mile High Cake Pops was founded in 2015 as a local family owned and operated business in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tom and Arika both have their personal reasons and passion behind all of the love that is put into each and every edible created. Tom's passion comes from watching his mother suffer with a terminal illness who spent most of her life advocating as a DARE instructor and always teaching to stay away from cannabis needing to turn to it for relief and help at the end of her journey. Being able to witness the way that cannabis was able to provide for a better quality of life for her in the end was life changing. Arika's passion and drive comes from working in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Substance Abuse industry for over 17 years where she saw time after time the system fail and the opioid epidemic first hand. She knew she could no longer take a back seat and we then began our journey to help patients be able to find a natural way to find relief without all of the side effects and risks associated with opioids and other pharmaceuticals. Our mission is to provide a high quality handmade edible that caters to a variety of lifestyles as well as dietary restrictions. We believe that all consumers should be able to find high quality edibles at affordable prices.

Variety is the spice of life. We offer a rotating variety of over 100 flavors and products to the consumer so that one's taste buds will never get bored. Keep an eye out for our delicious cake pops, cakes, soups, as well as other savory and healthy options.

We are based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado and currently are available to the Colorado Medical Market.


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