Portable Smoke

About Portable Smoke

Portable Smoke is your online destination for purchasing portable discreet items for your smoking needs. We recognize that smoking may be a discreet and a recreational activity to participate in alone or with trusted friends. As a result, we specialize in selling grinders and bowls that you can hide right under everyone's nose.


Portable Bowls and Pipes

Portables are discreet and durable weed accessories you can take anywhere that virtually blend in. Great for when you're on the go, never leave home without it.

Weed Jars

Having a good storage jar is a much needed essential for your stoner needs. With this waterproof aluminum airtight storage jar, your stash won't get flattened in your pocket allowing for a premium weed in your blunt, joint or bong.


Typically made of acrylic, metal or even wood weed grinders are small devices with 1 or more compartments that allow you to grind herb, cannabis and/or tobacco. It's a hassle to crush plant materials by hand. Grinders allow you to easily crush and grind your choice of herb in no time allowing you to light up much faster.

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