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About Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Sapphire is an organization of professionals whose careers are centered on the science of preventing crime and increasing pro-business results through the implementation of controls and processes. Our vision is to create environments that are crime adverse due to strategic planning and foresight. Sapphire will be in your corner with advice and counsel as long as your organization is continuing to grow.


Cannabis Security Plans

Comprehensively written security plan for state and city applications. The security plan will cover all security requirements listed by the state on their criteria.

Additional Application Sections

We are able to write for sections not included in the security plan that we have knowledge and experience on. i.e. Transportation, Waste Disposal, and Inventory Control.

Site Visits

Conduct an on-site physical security review site visit which defines specifics of the project. Review of physical security floorplan. Meet with owners and any other officials required to review security plan prior to submission.

Security Floor Plan Design & Project Management

Once the client receives the state license, Sapphire will work with proven security vendors to manage and implement the security floor plan accordingly. Due to our network of vendors, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars.

Fractional Security Services

Our fractional security consulting team provides an economical and efficient solution to your security management needs.


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