Super Sativa Seed Club

About Super Sativa Seed Club

THE STORY BEHIND SSSC Sam the Skunkman The Super Sativa Seed Club is one of the very firstseed banks in the world. In the mid eighties every grower knew the SSSC. It all started when 'Samthe Skunkman' gave Karel Schelfhout, one of the founders of SSSC and former squatter, theoriginal Haze and Skunk#01 after he moved from California. Karel used Sam's genetics to createsome of the very illustrious strains that later became Super Sativa Seed Club. Nevil The only seedbank that was around before SSSC was from Nevil called $$the Seedbank$$. Founded by NevilSchoenmaker, the Seedbank was the first international operating seedbank in the world. Nevilcombined the 10 original Haze seeds, that he received from Sam the Skunkman, with the seeds hecollected on a strain hunt in Afghanistan to start his famous seed collection.