The Cure Company

About The Cure Company

Licensed to produce quality cannabis products. Clean, organic, and single sourced. The CureCompany is Los Angeles source to the most exceptional cannabis flowers, concentrates, andedibles. The Cure Company group is proud to supply cannabis products Southern Californians canrely upon, safe and lab tested. History The Cure Company founders have a long relationship withthe cannabis industry, dating back to the dawn of legalization. Each person on the team possessesdiverse experience from cultivation and extraction to operating dispensaries and deliveries. Ascannabis evolved in California they followed suit, creating a brand was a natural progression. TheCure Company launched in 2006 and have proudly served the California cannabis community eversince. Process The Cure Company's flowers are cultivated at an indoor cannabis garden inDowntown Los Angeles.

State License
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL-18-0002042


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