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50% sativa | 50% indica

Not to be confused with Israeli-born strain Avi-Dekel, Avi is a CBD-rich strain with roots in Canada. This bud is the brainchild of the LP Peace Naturals Projects, also the creators of Sunshine, and tends to have twice as much of the therapeutic cannabinoid CBD as it does THC. As a result, Avi is not powerfully psychoactive, but can be a potent tool for mood maintenance and pain relief. While its exact genetic background is kept proprietary by Peace Naturals, Avi is known to contain an even balance between indica and sativa influences.

Avi's flowers tend not to be particularly visually impressive when trimmed. These buds are small in size and cling together in pebbly clusters. The flowers have the dense, solid structure characteristic of predominantly indica strains. The small, curly leaves are a deep shade of forest green and contain a lower than average number of pistils. Avi also has relatively few sticky trichomes thanks to its low THC content; as such, it may be easy to break up by hand.

The primary aroma coming off of cured buds of Avi is skunky and dank. On closer inspection, this pungent smell is punctuated by some bright, berry-like notes. Grinding up the flowers, meanwhile, yields an earthy odor somewhat like damp soil. When it's burnt, Avi releases a very smooth and easily palatable smoke that carries a fruity and mildly skunky flavor on the exhale.

Consumers who are used to more THC-laden strains may be surprised to find out that Avi won't confer any of the common signs of cannabis' psychoactivity. Even after 10 or 15 minutes, the typical lag time for a strong indica strain, this bud may not be discernible at all. Consumers who are able to tune into its effects, though, may notice that Avi exerts a strong feeling of relaxation, characterized by a heaviness in the limbs; some smokers may feel as if they're wading through peanut butter when walking. As such, the strain can be a great way to kick back after a workout or a particularly long day of work. This bud may also turn down the volume on any mental preoccupations or agitations, making it a useful way to bring about a calm state of mind in relatively little time. Consumers who are already susceptible to drowsiness may even find that Avi can lull them into a deep and restful sleep. Because it does not offer any of the typically disorienting effects of THC like confusion or couchlock, Avi is appropriate for consumption at any time of day -- although daytime smokers may want to take stock of how much physical activity is on their agenda before enjoying this lazy strain.

Avi's medical applications tend to be more pronounced than its recreational uses, and come thanks to its high levels of CBD. The strain's mood-altering properties make it a sound way to treat symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. It's also very good at treating physical pain, whether it's temporary and injury-related, or more chronic, as due to conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. The bud's anti-inflammatory can also soothe minor, everyday irritations like cramps or headaches. In the right set and setting, Avi can even lull insomniacs into a soothing and restful sleep. Some consumers report an improvement in appetite, making this a useful diet supplement for those who have lost their hunger due to harsh treatments like chemotherapy. Because it is not known for being particularly cerebral and carries little threat of paranoia, Avi is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Seeds of this medicinal strain are not available for sale online. If they're able, those looking to grow Avi at home should seek out a reputable source from which to obtain healthy clippings of the strain's plants. These clippings can be grown as clones, either indoors or outdoors in semi-humid conditions with daytime temperatures in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range. While there is little information available on best cultivation practices specific to this strain, Avi's indica-looking flowers suggest that its plants grow short and bushy; these indica influences also imply a relatively short flowering time of between 8 and 9 weeks.

Avi is a good option for those who want the relaxing benefits of cannabis but don't want to (or can't) get a conventional $$high.$$ For more experienced smokers, Avi can be a nice nightcap to wind things down before bed.

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Avi Effects:

  • Happy
  • Social
  • Energetic
  • Sedated
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Uplifted
  • Tingly

Avi Use:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Migraines
  • Pain

Avi Flavor:

  • Earthy

Avi Side Effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Paranoia
  • Dry eyes

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It's about 0%.
It's about 10%.
It's a hybrid strain.
Avi is a 50/50 hybrid strain.
Some strongest effects are being happy, social and energetic.
Some have experienced dry mouth, paranoia and dry eyes.
It's very useful for stress, anxiety and depression.
It has earthy, sweet and flowery flavors.