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About Cherry Sauce

50% sativa | 50% indica

More than just a tart condiment used on meats and desserts, Cherry Sauce is a well-rounded strain with a bold, fruity flavor. Created by Andromeda Strains, the hybrid is a cross between Cherry Pie and Gorilla Glue descendant The Sauce. It hits consumers with a vibrant, multidimensional high that's sure to impress cannabis newcomers and veterans alike. Cherry Sauce has THC levels measured at between 15% and 23%.

Cherry Sauce is marked by medium-sized buds that adhere in elongated, bullet-like shapes. The flowers have a solid core made up of small leaves that twist closely inward toward their central stems. These leaves are a dark shade of forest green, with occasional phenotypes showing patches of purple; the latter hues come during the growing process when cold weather can stimulate pigments called anthocyanins. Finally, Cherry Sauce is capped off by curly orange pistils and dewy, amber-tinged trichomes.

Surprisingly enough, the dominant aroma wafting up from cured flowers of Cherry Sauce is that of hashy spice. The strain's fruity, cherry-like scents come through with a closer whiff. Grinding up or breaking apart the flowers may intensify this fruitiness, giving a cloying, almost funky edge. When burnt, Cherry Sauce gives off a thick but smooth smoke that has a sweet, vaguely herbal taste with a creamy texture.

Cherry Sauce takes effect soon after it's ingested, giving users a headrush. This may come with unfamiliar sensations like a constricted feeling around the cheekbones or temples or some stimulation of the salivary glands. Once they get used to these tics, smokers gradually become aware of some cognitive changes. Thoughts may move more quickly and may seem to take on new complexity, leading to bouts of freely-associative thinking. For those who are in the right mood, this cerebral stimulation can encourage productivity on detailed tasks. In social situations, meanwhile, these buzzy effects can be a great way to spark conversation, even among new acquaintances. For some, Cherry Sauce's high can also present some sensory distortions like an uncanny feeling of time dilation.

Even after an hour or so, Cherry Sauce's vibe is mostly upbeat. Although smokers may have some subtle feelings of physical relaxation, they're not nearly enough to derail any earlier plans. In fact, this strain's simultaneous action on the brain and body can serve to enhance activities that require complex coordination -- e.g., gaming, exercising, or (in the right circumstances) even sex. With increased consumption, though, Cherry Sauce can begin to weigh its users down, radiating sedation through the core and limbs. Because its onset can keep smokers wired and jumpy, this strain is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening.

Cherry Sauce's wide-reaching effects can also have some application for medical cannabis patients. For one, its tuned-in, thoughtful headspace may help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on one task at a time. Additionally, its general euphoria may temporarily relieve some symptoms of stress and depression. Physically speaking, Cherry Sauce can ease aches and pains, whether they're due to chronic conditions like lupus or COPD or to temporary inflammation. This bud's tendency to induce the munchies can even make it a solid hunger stimulant for those suffering from a low appetite. Because it can create a disorienting feeling of "mindrace," though, Cherry Sauce may not be the best choice for patients who are prone to paranoia or panic.

Andromeda Strains has not made seeds of Cherry Sauce available online. Those who want to grow this variety at home should seek out mature, healthy samples of the strain in order to cake clippings. These clippings can be fostered as genetically identical "clones" and can be grown indoors or outdoors in a hot, humid climate. Gardners who'd like to bring out Cherry Sauce's eye-catching shades of purple should briefly expose their crops to nighttime temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees below average, just before flowering begins. Like fast-flowering parent strain The Sauce, this strain reaches maturity within a brief 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

A flavorful smoke with a little something for everyone, Cherry Sauce may appeal to indica and sativa users alike. If you break it out in public, be ready for its fruity aroma to turn some heads.

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Cherry Sauce Effects:

  • Energetic
  • Tingly
  • Uplifted
  • Happy
  • Social
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Focused

Cherry Sauce Use:

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Appetite
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD

Cherry Sauce Flavor:

  • Sweet
  • Flowery
  • Earthy

Cherry Sauce Side Effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes

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Cherry Sauce FAQ

It's about 25%.
Cherry Sauce has no CBD.
It's a hybrid strain.
Cherry Sauce is a 50/50 hybrid strain.
Some strongest effects are being energetic, tingly and uplifted.
Some have experienced dry mouth, dry eyes and paranoia.
It's very useful for pain, depression and appetite.
It has sweet, flowery and earthy flavors.