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80% sativa | 20% indica

A strain with a deep and rich history behind her, Chocolate Skunk is a proud product from 00 Seeds. This hybrid beauty has a strong sativa background and comes from a cross between two classic favorites, Skunk and Chocolope. Newer users should be careful, as this strain is so delicious that it may lead you to over-consumption quite easily.

THC levels can get pretty hefty with a strain like Chocolate Skunk, as highs top out around 26%. Although her nugs may be small, this strain packs a punch with plenty of orange pistils, matching trichomes, and sticky resin surrounding a forest green base. Notes of skunk, chocolate, and coffee make this a great morning addition to one's breakfast.

When you have a busy day ahead of you, there's only so much that caffeine will do for your energy level, and it doesn't even begin to address your creativity or emotional state. Chocolate Skunk can nearly replace that morning cup of joe with a burst of motivation that's highly cerebral and pretty focused. Laughter and general sociability are to be expected, and for some, high levels of arousal are common. Eventually, her indica side does set in a little bit and eases you into a light relaxation.

Chocolate Skunk is just as great for medical ailments as it is for an extra pep in your step, as the strain's powerful effects help to alleviate depression and fatigue incredibly quickly. Given her strong THC levels, those who struggle with nausea and a lack of appetite will find relief after a few tokes, and even instances of general bodily pain melt away like they were never there. Because she's so energetic in nature, this bud is ideal for the daily treatment of health issues.

Rumor has it that this bud is known to create huge yields with the right love and care, so making sure she has everything she needs is critical. Both indoor and outdoor growth will serve her just fine, but either way, it's recommended that you limit her vegetative period in order to keep her a manageable size. With only 8 weeks to flower, Chocolate Skunk is an ideal crop for most home growers.

As long as you can handle the skunky element of this strain's flavor, you may end up finding your new favorite bud. Depending on your dose and what you have going on during the day, you might opt to partake a bit later in the afternoon and enjoy a relaxing comedown, or simply light up in the morning for maximum energetic effect. Above all else, make sure you're aware of your own tolerances or else you'll experience anxiety and paranoia knocking on your front door.

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Chocolate Skunk Effects:

  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Happy

Chocolate Skunk Use:

  • Depression
  • Appetite
  • Stress

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