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50% sativa | 50% indica

Likely named after the popular hotrod from back in the day, GTO graces our lives with a balanced set of effects. Although she was created by mystery breeders, we do know that this bud is a cross between Triangle OG and Golden Goat. Unfortunately, finding GTO in a dispensary is a little more difficult than you'd think.

As if there wasn't enough that's unknown about this strain already, THC levels haven't even been widely published. It's assumed that these forest green nugs, thickly covered in white trichomes, are pretty potent, so somewhere in the 20% range is probably fairly accurate. Smells and flavors tend to match each other pretty evenly here, with skunk, berries, and spice blending for a pungent evening mix.

GTO is likely a balanced hybrid, as your levels of energy and relaxation are pretty much the same during your high. Initially, a cerebral boost that's akin to a punch in the face will brighten up your mood and infuse focus and creativity into your life. This is a great time to wrap up your last minute tasks at work before the real fun kicks in. As your high builds, you'll notice a strong physical tingle that makes its way throughout your entire body. This leads to total relaxation that's not entirely sedative, but not very motivating either.

As a good hybrid should, GTO is great for treating a range of medical issues as well. At the top of the list are mental concerns including depression and stress, which isn't a surprise given the uplifting nature of this strain. While your mind is put to rest, your body will follow suit, and individuals who suffer from chronic pain or even just a nagging headache will soon find relief. Despite the fact that this bud does give you a kick right away, it eventually leads to a mellow enough state that you can use it to fight insomnia.

Home growers may be attracted to GTO for her vast array of effects, but like most strains from unknown breeders, access to this plant is incredibly limited. Searching online or in dispensaries for clones or seeds proves to be an exercise in futility, so your best bet is to hope for more information to become available in the near future.

Strains that are ideal for the latter part of the day, like GTO, really give you something to look forward to. This bud certainly doesn't disappoint, as a fragrant blend of aromas well envelop you in the promise of a good time. Although quite hard to find at your local dispensary, keep your eyes out and stock up if you can.

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GTO Effects:

  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Euphoric

GTO Use:

  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Insomnia

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It's about 0%.
GTO has no CBD.
It's a hybrid strain.
GTO is a 50/50 hybrid strain.
Some strongest effects are being energetic, focused and creative.
Some have experienced paranoia, dry mouth and dry eyes.
It's very useful for depression, migraines and stress.
It has sweet, flowery and earthy flavors.