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0% sativa | 100% indica

Hog is an extremely potent pure indica strain with uncertain parentage. Created by Amsterdam breeder TH Seeds, the breeders responsible for Bubble Gum and A-Train, it is thought to be a hybrid bred from strong North American indicas. Prized for its pseudo-narcotic effects, Hog was named Top Indica strain in the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup. This bud is notorious for its stinky, sour pungency. Nevertheless, Hog 's psychoactivity receives high marks from cannabis testing lab Analytical 360, which has consistently measured its THC content at between 16% and 23%.

Hog offers plump buds that range in shape from pointy and spadelike to almost cylindrical. The flowers cling together in a classically dense indica structure, with leaves curled tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a bright shade of spring green and are twisted through with a high volume of orange hairs (which are actually pistils, structures meant to collect pollen from fertilizing male plants). Occasionally, phenotypes of Hog show off pale shades of purple in their leaves -- these surprising hues come about when pigments in the strain's genetics called anthocyanins are stimulated by colder than average weather during the growing process. Finally, icy with trichomes give these already-colorful buds a white sheen when viewed from afar.

The resinous flowers have a pungently sour, earthy smell (which some consider to be the source to the strain's beastly name). Lurking under these untamed scents is a woodsy, almost piney odor.

When broken open, Hog's buds have an even stronger, somewhat unpleasant sour scent. If burnt pipe or joint, Hog gives off an acrid, earthy smoke that may tickle the smoker's sinuses and induce coughing or even tears. Flavors of dirt and pepper linger on the palate after they exhale.

Hog creeps up on users, sometimes taking as many as fifteen minutes to reveal the extent of its mellow effects. Initial symptoms manifest as a pressure around the eyes and temples. This feeling soon melts into a slow, heavy body high that's great for stretching out horizontally and enjoying trippy some music or movies. Hog's physically numbing effects may actually be so intense as to cause a feeling to disorientation or depersonalization for some smokers. The bud's mental effects are as sedative as its physical ones, dulling any sharp concerns or stresses. Rather than exacting and cerebral, Hog's mindset is more spacey, allowing smokers to daydream at will; this is not a strain to consume if you're planning on getting any work done. On the other hand, Hog can be a very social bud to enjoy if you're planning a mellow night in with friends. Eventually, this drowsy strain may lead to couch (or bed) lock, trapping smokers in place in the closest comfortable surroundings. Best enjoyed at night -- or during an especially slow day -- Hog is known for immobilizing even more experienced smokers. Finally, a small amount of this bud is said to go quite a long way.

In addition to its recreationally calming properties, Hog has medicinal value in dulling pain, whether it's chronic, as due to conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, or simply temporary. Hog's anti-inflammatory properties may also take care of minor annoyances like headaches and nausea. Psychologically, the strain can temporarily improve the symptoms of mild to moderate stress, depression, and anxiety. Its sleepy vibes may also counteract stubborn cases of insomnia. Because Hog is not likely to bring about intense patterns of recursive thinking, it can be a good choice for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Seeds of Hog are available online from breeders TH Seeds. Easily grown indoors, it can be a good choice for newcomers to cannabis cultivation. Averaging 4.5 feet tall, the plants are bushy, with hearty, almost horizontal side branches. Anthos. Flowering happens within 8 to 10 weeks and the yield from this strain is higher than average, at about 37 to 56 grams (or 1.3 to 2 ounces). Because of its strong trademark aroma, an indoor growing environment with odor control is recommended.

Hog's trichome count rivals that of Afghani landrace strains, and breeder TH Seeds has used this heavy resin output to produce quality hash. This indica is a testament to the value of stabilized and organized commercial breeding.

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Hog Effects:

  • Sedated
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy

Hog Use:

  • ADHD
  • Migraines
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

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It's about 23%.
Hog has no CBD.
It's an indica strain.
Yes. It's 100% indica.
Some strongest effects are being sedated, creative and euphoric.
Some have experienced paranoia, dry mouth and dry eyes.
It's very useful for ADHD, migraines and pain.
It has sweet, flowery and earthy flavors.