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The Original OG cannabis strain is believed to have been first cultivated in California, while its genetics remain widely unknown. Some say that it stems from OG Kush while others believe it's a landrace strain. In any case, you'll recognize its distinctly funky scent similar to sour skunk or rotting fruit. Because of this, be aware that it's a hard strain to cover up. You can smell its potent aroma across the room.

Original OG effects have been described as slightly energetic, especially for the mind. Reviewers enjoyed social activities while using this strain as well as pursuing creative hobbies. Some claimed they had fun adventures while using this strain.

Original OG weed produces big round buds that are dense and filled with both dark and light green shades. Its trichome coverage is average, and its pistils are light tan and yellow.
Original OG THC levels tend to fluctuate depending on cultivation and curing techniques used so be sure to check your batches levels before consuming.

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  • Energetic

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