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0% sativa | 100% indica

With roots dating back to the 1980s, Ortega has staked its claim as a classic and for good reason. It's not just that it has been around as long as MTV that makes it popular, or that its parents are the legendary Northern Light #1 and #5 strains, it's that what Mr. Nice Seed has brought to the table is a bouquet of flavor paired with a powerful high that will have you buzzing for hours on end.

This 100% indica strain has all the staples of a pure indica: the body buzz, the flighty mindset, and the sleepiness. What's different about this one is that in addition to all of that it also boasts an incredible palette of spice and berry with a gorgeous purple color that makes it just as charming to taste as it is to look at. These pepper shaped nugs come out olive green with rich purple undertones and aromas of berry and nutmeg reminiscent of a holiday pie. With an average THC range of 15% to 17% and a recorded peak of 28%, it is no wonder this strain has had such longevity.

Ortega is widely known for its tranquilizing high that quickly turns to heavy sleep without much effort on the part of the smoker. The high begins as a clear-headed, almost creative daze, that soon melts into a couch locked state with that classic stoney feeling that leaves users ready for some Netflix and a big fluffy pillow. You'll have a brief uptick in motivation, but it is not enough to overtake the sedated feeling, and as you come down, it's off to dreamland.

Users who suffer from insomnia, restless leg syndrome and other sleep disorders love the heaviness of this high and how it completely quells the senses. Finding relief from chronic pain and cramps can be a thing of dreams for some, but thanks to Ortega, those dreams can be a reality. Because of its heavily sedative properties, suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, or even headaches can be a thing of the past.

Growing Ortega isn't necessarily a breeze, but it isn't far off. Recommended for intermediate growers, this strain offers an above average yield and a very quick turn around from seed to flower of only 6 to 8 weeks. You'll know the buds are ready for harvest when the amber hairs and crystal trichomes have fully appeared.

Users have loved this strain since the Brat Pack was all the rage. Ortega has some major longevity, and thirty plus years of happy customers don't lie. Enjoy this bud after a long day and experience the best night of sleep you've had in ages.

Growing Information

Flowering period depending on the method or technique is between 6-8 weeks. This strain can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

Lineage / Parents

Northern Lights and Northern Lights #5 x Haze

Ortega Effects:

  • Relaxed
  • Tingly
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Sedated
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted

Ortega Use:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • ADHD
  • Migraines

Ortega Flavor:

  • Earthy
  • Sweet

Ortega Side Effects:

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth

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Ortega FAQ

It's about 17%.
Ortega has no CBD.
It's an indica strain.
Yes. It's 100% indica.
Northern Lights and Northern Lights #5 x Haze.
Flowering period depending on the method or technique is between 6-8 weeks. This strain can thrive both indoors and outdoors.
Some strongest effects are being relaxed, tingly and sleepy.
Some have experienced dry eyes, dry mouth and paranoia.
It's very useful for depression, insomnia and stress.
It has earthy, sweet and flowery flavors.