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Platinum OG Diesel is a hybrid cannabis strain at the top of its game. Characteristics of the Platinum OG indica and the Sour Diesel sativa lineages blend nicely to create a potent yet balanced experience, according to those who have tried it. They say you can expect an uplifting cerebral energy along with a mood lift and creative inspiration followed by deep mind and body relaxation indicated by a sedative body buzz.

When you first open the packaging you immediately notice a rich diesel fuel aroma combined with unique undertones of coffee and spice. You can taste the diesel flavor a bit in the smooth inhale and the finish tastes like earth and herb.

Some of the most powerful strains can appear non-descript. Aside from the thick, silver layer of trichome frost covering the whole, pale bud, the Platinum OG Diesel flower has no remarkable features. Pale green leaves are punctuated by an occasional orange pistil, all coated in platinum frost.

Terpene hunters will love the high levels of pinene and caryophyllene found in this strain along with the uplifting, calming effects they may experience. THC percentage levels tend to average in the mid 20s. Along with the potent, complex terpene profile of this strain, you get a complex, pleasant, and long-lasting experience as reviewers have shared.

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Platinum OG

Platinum OG Diesel Effects:

  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Tingly

Platinum OG Diesel Use:

  • Pain

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