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About Rise 'n' Shine

We've seen some great things come from The Farm in Colorado and Rise 'n' Shine is just another one. By crossing Green Crack and Sour Bubble, the team there has created a bud that's sativa-dominant and highly potent. A great choice for users of all experience levels, this strain will help you get through even the hardest of days.

Depending on where you find her, Rise 'n' Shine will range from 19% to 28% THC but brings great flavors either way. Nugs are very neon in color, both with the green they exhibit as well as the orange pistils they have, and this visual clues you into the notes that your palate should prepare for. A blend of sweet and sour will take over you, with mango at the forefront of your smoke. It's not uncommon to pucker up a bit with this bud, but we assure you - she's truly delicious.

Imagine needing to go to work and accomplish far more tasks than is actually humanly possible. It sounds crazy, right? Not if you have Rise 'n' Shine as part of a balanced breakfast. This bud infuses you from head to toe with buzzing energy that allows you to remain focused, creative, and free from distractions. Eventually the munchies will set in, so a lunch break will be in order, but beyond that, you'll be riding a wave of pure joy from start to finish. We could see Rise 'n' Shine being great in certain social situations too, if you so desire.

The use of medical marijuana sometimes brings to mind instances of serious chronic conditions, but many people use this strain to treat more mild issues including fatigue, stress, and depression. Even the occasional headache or monthly set of cramps might need a little extra help, and Rise 'n' Shine is here for those in need. Sometimes just the mere thought of having to go through the day in pain, be it physical or mental, is too much to bear, so take the edge off with this bud and see how much happier you are by nightfall.

About 8 weeks is all it really takes to bring Rise 'n' Shine to full maturity, but it's probable that you'll never get the chance to do that yourself. The Farm tends to be quite fond of their genetics and often keeps their seeds close to their hearts. In the rare instance that you do find a seed in your dispensary purchase, consult an experienced grower before jumping in blind.

Rise 'n' Shine is so appropriately named as this bud is great as a wake and bake toke before you take on the world. Smoke a bit with friends if you're working on a joint artistic venture or fly solo to really zero in and get your stuff done!

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Rise 'n' Shine Effects:

  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Hungry

Rise 'n' Shine Use:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Migraines
  • Appetite

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