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0% sativa | 100% indica

What are some of your favorite strains on the market? If they're hybrids, there's a good chance that some part of their lineage includes South Indian Indica. A large category that refers to the native landraces found in this part of the world, South Indian Indica is quite hard to find in its original form. Instead, breeders rely on this plant to help them create other exceptional strains.

A fairly mellow strain in its own right, South Indian Indica is a great option for all users with an average of 11% THC. These small nugs feature a beautiful forest green color along with contrasting amber highlights and a fine coating of trichomes. In most cases, these landraces test your palette with a peppery yet sweet flavor that includes hints of earth, herbs, and flowers. Some may find it cough inducing, so take your time getting to know this gal.

Imagine the most relaxed place you could possibly bring your mind to, and then intensify it exponentially. That's how South Indian Indica will make you feel, with a high that lifts up your mind to a place of pure joy. As your mental slate becomes wiped clean, your body will start to experience a heaviness that's completely welcome and slightly sedative. Unless you have an extremely low tolerance, there's a good chance that you'll become tired but remain functional throughout your high.

Medical patients turn to South Indian Indica for a variety of ailments, including the need to calm racing thoughts before bedtime and for the relief of physical pain. With a mild amount of THC at hand, you probably won't be turning to this strain as your primary choice, but in a pinch, it helps quite a bit with headaches, muscle spasms, depression, and stress. Including this bud in your evening relaxation routine can go a long way toward reaching a restful night of sleep.

An ideal strain to include in anyone's home garden, South Indian Indica plants are incredibly resilient to mold, pests, and extreme weather conditions - just try to kill her, we dare you. While she doesn't require much, cultivators should keep in mind that the use of hydroponics will help to speed up the flowering process. Most plants result in a nice yield, however finding a true plant of this lineage is a tall order to fill.

To be honest, there are so many fantastic indica strains on the market these days that most cannabis lovers don't pay much attention to the pure landrace varieties. However, if you're shopping for something new and you do happen to find South Indian Indica on the shelves at your local dispensary, why not give it a try? At the very least you can save some of it for an emergency stash, or try it to calm yourself before meeting your girlfriend's parents for dinner.

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South Indian Indica Effects:

  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Creative
  • Sleepy

South Indian Indica Use:

  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Stress

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South Indian Indica Side Effects:

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