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About Vader OG 550

If you're looking into the Vader OG 550 strain, chances are you're a fan of a familiarly famous sci-fi movie series. This strain has been described by consumers as a heavy-hitter, so novice consumers may want to take it easy with this one.

The Vader OG 550 cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Consumers have reported feeling a quick rush of euphoria followed by a deep onset of physical relaxation. It quickly had both mind and body in rest-mode while increased appetite was also reported. Some have used Vader OG 550 to help with chronic pain, insomnia, and glaucoma.

When you open up a container of the Vader OG 550 strain, its bright ovular buds will smell like wildflowers, herbs, and peppery spices. Long burnt orange pistils cover its surface and a light coat of trichomes almost hint at its potency.

Vader OG 550 THC levels tend to average around 23%, though some crops have reaped in at 30%. Its parent strains are a cross between the potent Larry OG and incredibly popular SFV OG or San Fernando Valley OG. Dominant terpenes are myrcene and limonene.

Growing Information

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Lineage / Parents

Larry OG

Vader OG 550 Effects:

  • Sedated
  • Sleepy
  • Hungry

Vader OG 550 Use:

  • Insomnia
  • Appetite
  • ADHD

Vader OG 550 Flavor:

Vader OG 550 Side Effects:

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