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Yogi Kush is the creation of California's Elemental Wellness Center. They made this strain back in 2012 by blending the two legendary sativa-dominant strains, Sour Diesel and Northern Lights #5. Some people believe there's a direct correlation between the strength of the smell and the strength of the strain. This couldn't be truer with Yogi Kush. Strong fumes of skunk and gasoline will stink up even the biggest of houses, and coincidentally the THC level of Yogi Kush routinely tests around 25%. Smoking or vaping Yogi Kush blends a sour-citrus taste into the skunk and gasoline flavors.

The Yogi Kush nuggets are dense and made up of short, coiled, and tightly packed forest and army green leaves that are more consistent with Indicas. Dark-orange pistils are generously woven through the buds. A coat of amber trichomes protects and encompasses the flower which gives the appearance that the buds are covered in a white and amber fuzzy moss. The crystal trichomes take considerable effort to break through when grinding the buds.

Users report that the Yogi Kush effect seems instantaneous. Before the first hit is even released, the THC rich cannabinoids have entered the bloodstream, and start working their magic on the brain. Vivid mental imagery is accompanied by a warm rush behind the temples as the user is propelled into cerebral orbit. Here the most mundane subjects become absolutely fascinating, allowing one to tap into and harness creative energy. Not only does Yogi Kush bring consistent mental stimulation, but it seems to enhance the mind-muscle connection. This help focusing makes this strain not only a good choice for medical users suffering from ADD, but for those engaging in physical activities that require mental focus. Yogi Kush may be the perfect daytime strain to enjoy before a yoga class to help center the mind, balance the body, and ignite the spirit. Coincidence? I think not! Caution is advised as this high energy strain can overwhelm users prone to panic attacks, or those users with low THC tolerances.

Seeds aren't yet commercially available for Yogi Kush, so this strain is only available to grow as a clone. The plants are tall like most sativas but bushy, which is more indicative of indicas. Techniques such as $$Screen of Green$$ as well as frequent pruning may be useful to get enough sunlight and air to the lower nodes to maximize yields.

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Northern Lights #5

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  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Focused

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