New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Weed Legalization

May 4, 2021

The subject of marijuana from legalization to medical benefits and everything in between has come a long way in the last few decades. Once relegated to small pockets of progressives, the conversation around what to do about marijuana has become fully entrenched in the mainstream conversation. An ···➜

Mormons Are Showing Strong Support For Medical Cannabis

January 20, 2021

A recent poll continues to indicate broad support for a medical marijuana ballot initiative in Utah, including majority support among active Mormons. The commissioned poll, which surveyed 608 adults from Aug. 30-Sept. 5, shows 74 percent of Utahns favour the legalization of me ···➜

Switzerland Launches New Plan to Legalize and Tax Cannabis

January 17, 2021

A new plan to legalise cannabis has launched in Switzerland, marking the country's second push for the change within a decade. The new initiative proposes that both cannabis production and consumption for personal use should be made legal. It recommends that its sale should be regulated and ···➜

Medical Marijuana Legalized in Mexico, Medical Weed in Mexico

December 30, 2020

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto signed a decree this week legalizing medical marijuana following broad support in the Senate and Congress where the measure passed 347-7 in April. The Ministry of Health will draft and implement specific regulations covering the medicinal use of pharmacological d ···➜