Marijuana’s Influence on Body Temperature

September 19, 2023

Body Temperature and Weed; The Highs and Lows Marijuana, the controversial herb with a multitude of effects, has intrigued scientists for decades. Beyond its well-known psychoactive properties, researchers have delved into the less-explored realm of how cannabis impacts body temperature. So, let’s embark on a journey through the intriguing and sometimes mystifying world of marijuana’s ···➜

Marijuana’s Impact on Vision and Eye Health

September 12, 2023

Beyond the Haze: Unraveling Marijuana’s Impact on Vision and Eye Health In recent years, the debate surrounding marijuana’s potential health benefits and risks has intensified. One area of particular interest is how marijuana affects vision and eye health. Are the tales of “red eyes” after a smoke session just folklore, or is there more to ···➜

Marijuana and Body Fatigue; What We Know

September 5, 2023

The Relation Between Marijuana and Fatigue Ever wondered about the science-y stuff behind how marijuana and that bone-deep tiredness you sometimes feel might be connected? Well, let’s dive in, keep it laid-back but still scientific, and explore this intriguing relationship between marijuana and fatigue. We’ll be drawing from some solid scientific research and my own ···➜

Marijuana and Inflammation

August 29, 2023

Marijuana and Inflammation: A Chill Scientific Dive Ever wondered about the science behind how marijuana interacts with inflammation in our bodies? Well, hang tight because we’re about to break it down in a way that’s both laid-back and scientific. Get ready to explore the fascinating connection between marijuana and inflammation, all backed by some serious ···➜