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Mango Trainwreck burst on the scene recently and gained instant popularity due to its celebrity parents, Mango Kush and Trainwreck. Mango Kush is a tasty Indica with moderate THC levels and is generally regarded as a good beginner strain. Trainwreck on the other hand, is heavy-handed sativa that packs a powerful punch with THC levels testing up to 25%. When these two strains are combined, you get an extremely strong, evenly balanced hybrid whose THC levels test up near 30%!

Medical users have said they are loving Mango Trainwreck because of its versatility in helping with the entire spectrum of conditions from chronic pain and inflammation, PTSD and anxiety, to ADD and chronic fatigue syndrome, and even to stimulating appetite and countering nausea. The strength of Mango Trainwreck and its full spectrum of cannabinoids have been reported to give this strain a bit of a psychedelic effect, causing intense visuals. The heightened senses cause colors to stand out and become more distinct, and the user is more aware of the mind-body connection. This makes activities such as yoga and dance more enjoyable, especially in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Being an evenly balanced hybrid, the user can expect a little bit of everything. In the first wave of Mango Trainwreck, the user is filled with a steady and even stream of focused energy. In addition to this, stress and anxiety melt away and mood is normalized. During the second wave, the muscles of the body relax, and the cerebral elevation dissipates through the body giving way to the analgesic and sedative effects of the plant. In the final phase, attention turns to the gut as messages of intense cravings are continuously sent to the brain. Satisfying these cravings brings contentment as well as a sense of the total relaxation of the body and mind. This makes it a great morning strain, as well as an early evening strain to enjoy before dinner.

An experienced cannabis aficionado will be aware of Mango Trainwreck's potential power just by looking at the buds. It looks like the plant had to endure a light snow, but when one looks closer it is apparent that the snow is actually trichome flakes. Smoking this strain is literally a mouth-watering treat, as sweet yet spicy fresh mangos linger in the aftertaste and mix with the strong floral odors of fresh herbs and moist earth. Whether it be morning or night, it is always a good time to enjoy the evenly balanced hybrid, Mango Trainwreck.

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Mango Kush

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  • Sedated
  • Energetic
  • Hungry

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  • Appetite
  • ADHD

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