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About Sweet Pebbles

50% sativa | 50% indica

Sweet Pebbles is a tasty strain with an even, middle-of-the-road high.It is the creation of Washington State-based Fire Brothers and is a cross between cereal-themed hybrid Fruity Pebbles and Sour Pebbles. Besides a memorably fruity flavor profile, this bud offers mentally energizing and physically soothing effects. Its THC content has been measured at between 15% and 20%.

Flowers of Sweet Pebbles are small to medium in size and adhere in tight, clustered formations, somewhat like actual pebbles. The nuggets maintain and indica-influenced bud structure, with a dense core and small, tightly-coiled leaves. The leaves themselves are a pale sea green and are twisted through with orange pistils. Some phenotypes of the strain also show off a faint lavender color in their leaves, a phenomenon that comes about when cold weather activates the plant's anthocyanin pigments during the growing process. Translucent white trichomes finish off these already-colorful flowers and give them a silver sheen when seen from afar.

A sweet berry flavor floats on top of this aromatic bud's profile. On closer inspection, there's also a more acrid, lemon-tinged scent. Meanwhile, grinding up the tight buds gives off some earthy, musky odors. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Sweet Pebbles burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke has berry flavors and some sour, skunky funk on the exhale.

Sweet Pebbles takes effect relatively quickly owing to the sativa in the strain's genetics. Soon after toking, users may be hit with the sensation of a rush of blood to the face or a sudden pressure in the temples and lower forehead. Once accustomed to these strange feelings, smokers are likely to become totally immersed in their thoughts, stopping to dwell on concepts that have taken on a newfound intensity. In some cases, users may succumb to a fast-paced train of thought that travels from one idea to the next in free association. These buzzy properties make Sweet Pebbles a great way to break the ice in social situations, as amplified inner monologues start to manifest as chattiness, even among strangers. As the high wears on or as dosage is increased, consumers may feel a slow sedative pull mellowing out their previously activated state of mind. Any earlier stresses or preoccupations may be forced to the sidelines as muscles relax and deep breathing happens more freely and easily. While they may not progress to full-on couchlock, these relaxing effects may sap any prior excitement or motivation. At this point, Sweet Pebbles sets the stage for passive activities like binge-watching or doing laundry. It may also allow smokers to take some much-needed, introspective $$me time.$$ Because of its slow dip into drowsiness, Sweet Pebbles is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and evening when it can be fully appreciated.

Sweet Pebbles' versatile effects make it a useful strain for medical cannabis patients as well. It can help those with attention deficit disorders to stay focused on a single task. Its mood-elevating effects may also temporarily soothe the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, Sweet Pebbles can numb aches and pains as well as minor everyday irritations like headaches and nausea. Because its onset brings a fairly intense, recursive thinking that can veer into paranoia, Sweet Pebbles is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Unfortunately for prospective home growers, Fire Brothers have not made seeds of Sweet Pebbles available for sale online. Those looking to grow it should obtain clippings of mature, healthy plants of the strain in order to foster $$clones.$$ Sweet Pebbles can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Gardeners looking to bring out the plants' vivid blue and purple hues should briefly expose their crops to temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average, just before flowering begins. This bud flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

Sweet Pebbles can be enjoyable whether you're consuming it alone or sharing it with some good friends. It can be an especially great way to unwind after a long day or week of work.

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Sweet Pebbles Effects:

  • Sedated
  • Creative
  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric

Sweet Pebbles Use:

  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • ADHD

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Sweet Pebbles Side Effects:

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Sweet Pebbles FAQ

It's about 20%.
Sweet Pebbles has no CBD.
It's a hybrid strain.
Sweet Pebbles is a 50/50 hybrid strain.
Some strongest effects are being sedated, creative and focused.
Some have experienced paranoia, dry mouth and dry eyes.
It's very useful for depression, pain and anxiety.
It has sweet, flowery and earthy flavors.